A man’s advice to women on dating

date2-featuredNo one said, that just because you're over fifty and alone, that you can't date. Wanting to stay single and live alone doesn't necessarily exclude dating. You don't get kicked out of the club if you do. Some of you... may even retire from your singlehood, and (heaven forbid) get married again!!

You need some advice? Well, I might just have it for you today, if you're a woman. But, before I tell you about it, I must warn you. The language in the book is quite colorful and may seem inappropriate for sensitive readers. If cuss words bother you, then you might want to skip this book. That being said, Prentice Prefontaine offers some fairly straight-up advice in his book titled Bitch, Stop That! Dating Advice For Women From A Flamboyant Man.

Why would you want to listen to your single girlfriends? If they had any good advice, they certainly didn't heed it themselves. You may call each other best friends, but it wouldn't surprise me one bit to learn your best friends are your biggest competitors. A lot of females wouldn't tell you the truth anyway, because they are too busy being catty.

Now you've really gone too far, Steve!!!!!

Now, now -- don't get your big girl panties in a knot! Did you forget I have a daughter? Let's look at an example that slapped me upside the head so hard, that I'm still reeling from it, almost 9 years later.

Kelsey was eight years old. She was living with me. One day when her best friend was over I heard some sobbing coming from her bedroom. The door was open to her room, as was mine, while I worked away in my office. The girl's wailing was becoming a bit unbearable as she lamented on how badly she was missing her best friend who lived about 3,500 miles away. I thought this was a little odd. First time I had heard of this. To the best of my knowledge, the girl who was trying to comfort her in her bedroom was her best friend. I could hear her trying to comfort and soothe my daughter, but she wasn't having any luck. Finally the girl said it was almost supper time and she had instructions to be home for supper. So with some parting words of compassionate appeal, she left our home.

The sobbing stopped as soon as the door closed, and then the next thing I heard was Kelsey playing with some toys. My, I thought. She got over that rather quickly. I left it alone for a bit, but it was eating me up. I would have to ask. So I strolled over to the kid's door and said, "What was all that about? I thought she was your best friend?"

"She is."

"Well, what was all that bawling for then?"

"Look Dad... she is my friend. But, I don't want her to know it."

I just shook my head and walked away. Those kind of tricks are not something she would have learned from me. It really opened my eyes as to the huge difference there is in the way that men and women communicate, and how these different processes are even, really evident in the early years. Even in this so called, enlightened state, I can't even begin to realize the differences between women who might be best friends, and men who are best friends. I agree that even men who are best friends can be competitive, but a lot less likely in this manner.

This is precisely why, Prentice Prefontaine's book might be a good read for some of you ladies who are interested in dating again. I am really quite doubtful, that your best girlfriends are going to give you any type of advice you can use. You might be better off listening to a male's perspective on the subject, because he isn't afraid to tell you exactly how men see it... and how men see you. And, if you get it now, while it's free you can save yourself $7.99.

Prentice says, "There are a group of five behaviors that can ground your relationship before it’s had a chance to fly. And these behaviors are... N.A.S.T.Y." Ha-ha! Well he sure nailed it on this one. If you're N.A.S.T.Y. ... guess you best get used to being single.

NOTE: For those of you who are really desperate for advice, don't forget there is a forum/discussion area setup on this site, where you are free to ask for relationship advice. Of course, there isn't any guarantee to the quality of the advice you may receive.

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