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2 comments on “50alone forums

  1. Sorry to hear of your loss Sharen. I understand how hard it must be to face the task of cleaning out her room.

    What about asking work for a little time off and take a trip some place? It might give you a chance to put things in perspective. If you don’t have anyone to travel with, rent a cottage for a week… somewhere where you can wake up next to the ocean. Let it be an opportunity to decide what your life will be like, from this point on.

    Hope this helps.

    Steve MacLellan

  2. sharen wilson says:

    Alone at 50 just that .I took care of my dad. He died 2000 and my mom just died. I have worked to take care of them my whole life. I am not ugly or fat but I just loved them sooo much. I am now alone and have no plans. Did not make plans for what I would do when they died. I have a good job but i don’t know what to do with myself. I used to have friends but I just got to busy with Dr apt. ect. That became my whole life and my mom became my best friend and companion and that life is gone now. What do I do. It is very recent but i never thought about it. I have to clean out her room. It is my house but I find myself not being able to move anything. What do I do . What do I do?

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