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Empty nest

After living with me for the last three years my daughter decided she would like to live with her mother for a year. She will be 16 soon, and it's good for her to spread her wings a bit, even though I will miss her terribly.  Life is a game; ask William Shakespeare who said:

Life is but a walking Shadow, a poor Player That struts and frets his Hour upon the Stage, And then is heard no more; It is a tall Tale, Told by an Idiot, full of Sound and Fury, Signifying nothing."

I suppose it is time to do a little strutting then, which will "signify nothing" -- but it will get me out of the house a little more. I think when you're single again, especially 50+ and alone, you need to make sure you're not sitting around and moping about the last 50 years. If you eat right... exercise a bit, there is a good chance you still have HALF of your life to enjoy.

There is time.... time for YOU!

In a book, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Empty Nesters: 101…  the authors share 101 stories written by parents who have been there already and share their stories with new empty nesters.  These heartfelt stories will inspire, support, and amuse parents grappling with their own bittersweet new freedom.  The book also includes stories from the kids themselves, providing the view from the other side.  Parents will nod their heads, cry a little, and laugh a lot as they recognize themselves and their almost grown-up children in these stories.

In some of the stories parents share gazing at surprisingly clean bedrooms, starting new careers, rediscovering their spouses, and handling the continuing, and often humorous, needs of their children even while they are away at college or ensconced in their own apartments.  In one amusing story, a mother writes of dropping her last child off at college and then realizing that she and her husband can do anything they want.  They spend three days driving the six hours home.

None of my plans include dating. According to Eric Klinenberg , New York University sociology professor and  author of Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone, he says there are a number of factors that are contributing towards this growing trend. But one of the main reasons is simply because we can afford to do it.

I'm thinking I might go to the Community Collage and enroll in a graphic design course. I may choose to spend more time fishing. And, there will be definitely more time in there for me grab the ol' guitar and go to more jam sessions.  There have been a lot of weekend plans I've had to cancel because my daughter had plans with her friends which meant I would have to be home. Seriously, I never minded cancelling my own plans in favor of hers. I fully realized what a wonderful opportunity it was for me to raise my daughter alone. We spent a lot of quality time together; I wouldn't have had it any other way. It's just that when the time has passed, it's time to move on.

I haven't been hunting for years. I know there are a lot of people that frown on hunting. I'm afraid I don't know any better. I grew up in a small community of 150 people. We had the bay to the south of us and nothing but the woods to the north of us. My parents had a very small farm, and most of the animals were raised for food. Unless you're a total vegetarian... the best roast I've ever cooked and ate was bear meat.

If you're looking for ideas of what YOU could do, and you don't seem to be able to come up with any on your own,  you might want to have a look at a previous post  titled Fifty Things to Do When You Turn Fifty. And if you already have some GREAT ideas, please use the comment section below to share them.


Funny stuff.

Click the play button to see the funniest Ventriloquism act you ever saw.


10 Dating Lessons from Sex and the City — Kindle version free today.

When my daughter asked me what does it cost to get married -- I had to reply, "I don't know... I'm still paying for it."

“When men attempt bold gestures, generally it's considered romantic. When women do it, it's often considered desperate or psycho.” – Carrie

Now.... I didn't read the whole thing, but I did see some good advice in there. One of the things that pretty well sums it up is "Whether you're a man or a woman, stalking is not sexy." Ya'... we hate stalkers...

10 Dating Lessons from Sex and the City is the essential guide to dating, based on the cult hit Sex and the City. By studying the dating drama and disasters in Sex and the City, women can discover what to do, and what not to do when it comes to dating and relationships. The book provides humorous and practical dating advice for women of all ages written by an author with a degree in Psychology.

This free eBook (if you want to call it a book) is only about 17 pages if you wanted to print it off. It's a quick but entertaining read from what I saw.

Got some dating tips you'd like to share with ol' Steve? Post them below in the comments section.

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How To Find A Job: When There Are No Jobs, 2012 Edition

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In a message to his readers, Paul believes that despite the many challenges faced by those suffering as a result of the weak job market, change in one's life can be positive. He explains that, "Change throughout your life is inevitable, and as your life changes so often does your career." His book is an effective guide that will provide you with the necessary tools, skills and inside knowledge from a professional recruiter to help you navigate through difficult economic times and find a new job or change careers.

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Robert Olsen

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As a bonus today, I will throw in a personal hint. Watch the video below titled "We are most amused" -- you would hope to make a better impression with your potential employer than Rowan does as a preacher.


Blueberries can improve your memory

A study by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, is the first to show a potential benefit of blueberries in improving memory in older adults at risk for dementia. In the past blueberries have been well known for being a powerful antioxidant.  But they are more.... Rats (don't  ya' love 'em) who were given the equivalent of a cup a day had an improved memory capacity, much like other test subjects that were much younger.

A lot of times people who we perceive to have memory problems are older than 50+. While it becomes evident in certain individuals, the fact of the matter is that the memory can often start to decline in people as young as 45. It just doesn't become apparent until they are older because in a lot of cases, those people who realize it's happening have a way of hiding it, or passing it off as natural.

This has been documented in a paper and published in the journal Annals of Neurology. German and US researchers report that cognitive decline could be delayed by up to 2½ years in elderly people who eat more of the flavonoid-rich berries.

Dr. Michael T Murray said:

Blueberries are an excellent source of flavonoids, especially anthocyanidins. These antioxidant compounds are responsible for the blue, purple, and red pigments. Blueberries are also a very good source of vitamin C, soluble fiber, and insoluble fiber, such as pectin. In addition, they are a good source of manganese, vitamin E, and riboflavin.

It's said, on average, performance on the cognition tasks worsened as the subjects got older. The declines were steepest among the oldest participants, who were aged 65-70 at the beginning of the 10-year study period in 1997-99. But even for the youngest participants, aged 45-49 in 1997-99, average skills declined with age in every one of the test categories except vocabulary.

Science Daily also published a report that says:

"We provide the first epidemiologic evidence that berries may slow progression of cognitive decline in elderly women," notes Dr. Devore. "Our findings have significant public health implications as increasing berry intake is a fairly simple dietary modification to test cognition protection in older adults."

If you click the link above to the report, you will see there are other articles about aging and memory.

Dr. Michael T Murray's book, The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods will teach you how to:

  • design a safe diet
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  • discover the role that fiber, enzymes, fatty acids, and other dietary components
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  • understand which food prescriptions will help you safely treat more than 70 specific ailments, including acne, Alzheimer¹s disease, immune system depression, insomnia, migraine headaches, PMS, and rheumatoid arthritis
  • prepare foods safely in order to prevent illness and maximize health benefits
  • select, store, and prepare all kinds of healthful foods

As countless studies have affirmed, diet plays a major role in both provoking and preventing a wide range of diseases. But just what is a healthy diet? What does the body need to stay strong and get well? In The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods, Michael T. Murray, N.D., and Joseph Pizzorno, N.D., two of the world¹s foremost authorities on nutrition and wellness, draw on an abundant harvest of research to present the best guide available to healthy eating.

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