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Look-out Punk! Here comes Grandpa

I certainly can't condone gun violence, but by the look of the video below, some punks should have known better than to mess with grandpa.

You mess with the bull; you get the horn 😉


Missing Grammy!

The only grandmother I remember died 38 years ago. I was 15. I'll never forget her. This was mother's mother. My grandma on my father's side died when I was too young to remember her.

My brother and cousins just called her "Grammy". She was  wonderful  to us kids, and we were always safe at her house -- sometimes, even from our parents!!

I was always so excited about going to her house, and of course... of the treats I would  receive too. Grammy didn't buy margarine like my parents did. She only bought butter. She didn't buy white bread. She bought either brown bread, or raisin bread. And having a little chocolate milk with it never hurt either. I mean, when I was a kid, Wylie MacLellan (our cousin) was our milk man. Now, you can rest assured he delivered very rich and creamy milk.... but it wasn't chocolate.....

Whether you're a veteran grandma or a Nana-to-be, this collection of stories will warm your heart and make you laugh about the universal experiences of being a grandmother: the phone call that announces your baby will become a mom herself; the first time you hold the most beautiful grandson or granddaughter in the world; and the day you're on baby-sitting duty and realize that major issues are minor infractions best solved with love instead of lectures.

This book celebrates the memories we make and the times we cherish with grandmothers: the women who can both spoil and be stern; who provide unconditional love and invaluable wisdom; who can share sage advice while sharing an ice cream.

Chicken Soup for the Grandma's Soul is the perfect thank-you to grandmothers everywhere- those special women who enrich our lives with joy and love.


Female tricks to watch out for

First, I realize there are tricks men use to get women to date them too. Maybe one of these days I will write an article about it. But for this post I want to discuss an article I found on this website. If you click the link, the article will open in a popup.

When I read that article, I realized that some women may to a lot more planning when it comes to relationships. I couldn't help but think that most guys just kind of go with the flow. And we're happy not to put labels on our relationships. As a good friend of mine often says, "it is what it is".

Don't push him into embarrassing situations as suggested as  #1 in the article. That just makes him feel like a cage is being closed around him. He won't talk about it, but he won't like it either. And he'll make excuses to avoid your friend in future social gatherings.

#2 in the article is just more fluff of the same nature. Embarrassing  a guy isn't going to get you a date with him.

#3 isn't so bad. Sure invite him to hang out with you and your friends, but at the same time... don't take it personally if he says no. As the author suggests he will appreciate the gesture of friendship, but hanging out with a bunch of people he doesn't know  likely is  very low priority for him.

If it does happen, and he is going to be at your place for a few minutes to pick you up, you'd best be hiding any girly magazines like Cosmopolitan! Some women take the advice of articles they read in these type of magazines. When we see them laying around, it makes us wonder what kind of bad ideas you may have already learned. Then, on the other hand, I've seen guys (and ones that were good at picking up women) read these kind magazines. I've been told it helps them know how women think.

The problem with the advice in the article, and similar articles in other magazines, is that doing some planning and manipulating potential outcomes. If it was to ever come out... no man like to feel like he's been played. The most important thing in ANY relationship is trust.

Rather than reading articles that could steer you down the wrong course, you would be much better taking the advice if a professional like Doctor Paul R. VeHorn. Dr. Paul did graduate studies in behavior psychology and is an International Relationship Consultant.

Dr. Paul's philosophy is based on his research and observations developed through years as a nationwide talk show host! Thousands of listeners and viewers have shared their experiences and feelings with him. If you are truly seeking a relationship, an engagement, or a marriage, then Boomer Girls is an absolute must reference for your personal guide to men and dating!

If you're a woman and interested in bagging yourself another partner at this stage in the game, you might want to have a look at Boomer Girls (A Boomer Woman's Guide To Men & Dating) and learn methods that don't utilize tricky and manipulation. Watch the video below to see what Dr. Paul says about trust.

That's a wrap for this post. But if you're a man reading this post, please use the comment section below and tell us how you feel about any of these tricks or others that may have been used on you. And of course.... woman readers are welcome to voice their opinions on trust and trickery too.


Make some extra cash testing websites

I ran across a website today that are looking for regular people to test online web stores that consumers use. They look for people in various demographic profiles; people whose profile fits the target market of a particular store.

How it works:

  1. Website owners will pay to watch a real person use their site so they can discover where their site is confusing. has a panel of “user testers” to do this. If you become one of our user testers, then whenever your demographic profile is requested, you’ll have an opportunity to earn money using a website.
  2. You use our online screen recorder to record a video of what’s happening on your screen – mouse movements, clicks, and keystrokes – and your spoken comments while you use the website you’re testing. (Videos are typically 15 minutes long.)

So, the idea is, if they have jobs your profile fits, they will give you $10 for creating a 20 minute video and answering a handful of questions about your experience using a website.

I haven't tried, and I'm not really interested, but I thought I would post this because it may be of interest to someone. To learn more about this job click here.


Just going to chill and chat online?

Sometimes when you're single, and even over 50, it makes you a prime target for scammers.  You certainly need to be on your guard if you're involved with any online social networks. Of course... anyone can be a target.... not just our age group. Like the story published on the CBC website titled "Man tried to blackmail women he met on dating site"  -- this guys was convincing women to share sexual videos of themselves with him, and then afterwards tried to blackmail them.

The man in this story was caught and charged, but there are smarter scammers  out there, and it's possible they can't be charged. I'm going to share a story with you out of my personal experience with Facebook.

I got an email a few months ago that a young lady, Betty (not her real name) had sent me a request to add her as a friend. It was during the work week and I was going through my messages pretty fast. I meant to click the link to learn more about her, as I didn't recognize her name. Instead, I accidentally clicked the wrong link and added her as a friend. Well, I thought, no harm. I clicked through her profile; she didn't have a lot of information on it, but there were a couple of pictures of her with a small boy. She claimed to be 27 years old, live in the southern states and was single.

I didn't think too much about it and then a few days later I got an email from her saying, "Hey there, big Steve. How come a handsome man like you is still single?"

This wasn't my first experience with a young woman looking for a sugar daddy. So I sent her an email back asking what her game was, how much money she hoped to get out of me... and then suggested she forget the whole thing and go find a young man her own age to date.

Then I came to find out, that she had been going through my friends list on Facebook and sending friend requests to other single men over 50 and claiming to be a friend of mine. So my friends were adding her.

After she had read my reply to her message she instantly de-friended me, but it was too late for some of my friends. She struck up a conversation with some of them and moved it along pretty quickly until days later when she told them a "sob" story and then asked for money. I've actually had two friends email me about this.

Technically, I suppose her action isn't illegal; although it could be -- I don't know. But it might turn out a lot worse. What if she stated sending these men nude pictures of herself and then after receiving money and doctoring a few emails, turn around and try and blackmail these men? It's possible she could threaten to go to the police and claim the men were blackmailing her to send nude photos of herself. Then she emails these men with this threat of what she will do unless they want to cough up some serious cash.

Hopefully, the two friends who emailed me about her have de-friended her and aren't having any more to do with her. I don't really know if she would go to these lengths, but she did approach one of them for money. I don't know if he has sent her any. I warned both of them that I figured she was a scammer and not to contact her anymore.

For that matter, she might not even be a woman. The Jamaica Star online published a story a couple of months ago titled "LUSTING MEN CAUGHT IN SCAM - Facebook used in latest con".

If my friends and I can get caught up in this kind of scam, you can too.  The book pictured to the left titled Outsmarting the Scam Artists: How to Protect Yourself From the Most Clever Cons is written by Doug Shadel and is available in paperback form Amazon.  He says, "While anyone can be targeted, many victims are older." In his book you will:

  • Get practical tips to combat all kinds of scams, from simple lottery tickets to non-existent oil and gas deals and religious ponzi schemes
  • Learn how to protect yourself by securing your mailbox and fraud-proofing your trash
  • Get inside the head of sophisticated scam artists to discover how you can become the type of individual they avoid

Some of this book is based on other types of scams, but the underlying theme is the same as "Betty" uses. She appeals to your emotions, and gets you to "buy" into send her money. Watch now as the author of the book talks about this very thing.

And you know what the worse thing is about this? Many of these crimes, and in particularly social crimes go un-reported. The victims feel stupid; they feel it's their own fault -- they should have known better.

Have a look at Outsmarting the Scam Artists: How to Protect Yourself From the Most Clever Cons on the Amazon website. Perhaps it will save you money and help keep you safe.

Sitting in your big comfy chair at home with a blanket wrapped around your shoulders and using your laptop to surf the web and chat with friends on Facebook (or any other social network) doesn't mean you're safe.... even if your doors are locked.