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Guitar playing

One of the things I like the most about being single is the opportunity to play my guitar more often. This winter I bought an Epiphone Dot. Epiphone, is a brand bought out by Gibson many years ago, and mant of their guitars are less expensive copies of their premium line. Mine is similar to the Gibson ES-335. You can see a picture of it below. It has the same humbuckers that the ES-335 has, and can deliver nice rich tones.

Of course with the Internet, there isn't any shortage of tutorials, lessons, music, and tabs to be found. Some of the lessons I quite often take a look at for free are offered by Steve Krenz whose tutorials are often featured on the Gibson website. Here is one his tutorials below:

I like the way he explains some of the things in this video. It's in keeping with my own way of thinking; like when he talks about playing in the key of Gm but using Bb major as the scale to improvise over the chord changes with. Of course the downside to this way of thinking is you have to keep in mind the main notes are form the Gm triad, not Bb.

I also like the way he describes using octaves in the famous Wes Montgomery style, and although it's simple enough in theory, it takes a lot of practice to use this technique and make it sound good. Of course... maybe that's just because I'm not used to it.

For those of you who aren't satisfied catching a lesson here and there,  Steve Krenz offers the Gibson s Learn & Master Guitar course. You  get 10 instructional DVDs, 5 Jam-along CDs, 100+ page lesson book and online support. Click here to learn more about it.

There's no doubt about it! Being single certainly gives you a lot more time to pursue your interests, whether it's playing the guitar, hunting, fishing or whatever you like to do. This is a good thing :-) You can spend hours jamming out, learning new tunes, or just playing along with tunes you find on the Internet.

At one time I even thought about taking up the fiddle. But I couldn't stand my own noise. I guess it's best for me if I just stick to the guitar.


Deer Hunting

One year I had a guide license for deer hunting and I was taking a fellow through the woods. He was only a few feet behind me when a shot rang out north of us. The bullet from that shot lodged in a tree between us. He freaked!! He thought someone was taking a shot at him. He parked his butt on a tree the wind had blown down and demanded I take him out of the woods right now.

I said, "That's a little crazy, isn't it? Why would you think someone was taking a shot at you? There is obviously a hunting party just north of us, and there must be a deer running this way. There's a ravine just over there. I bet if we go over and watch we can spot the deer they are chasing."

No sir!! He wasn't getting off that stump. Again he demanded I get him out of there. I said I would, and I'd be back in a few minutes. I was just going to take a look down the ravine first.

Well I startled the deer who was coming at a dead run down the ravine. It saw me and was angling up through the trees on the other side. I was a little too fast trying to get into action, and I'm afraid I likely just plugged a tree myself. But the angle I was shooting at was safe; the bank to the other side of the steep ravine was where my bullet would have gone if it didn't hit the deer or a tree.

But then the fellow I was guiding freaked even more and hollered at me and asked what the hell I was shooting at. I dunno'.... some people shouldn't even be allowed in the woods....

I often have people ask me what the deer hunting is like in Nova Scotia. I usually tell them that if you look pretty sharp you can usually spot one or two. The video was taken in Kemptown, Nova Scotia, April of last year. Watch it carefully. You might see that one or two that I spoke of 😉


Are all confessions good for the soul?

Ran across this somewhere:


Sitting on the throne

Even before the sitcom "Married With Children" we knew, as men, how important a bathroom is. Al Bundy didn't tell us anything we didn't already know. It's where the throne is, and it's every man's right to sit on his throne as often or as long as he wants to.

A lot of people will take this as a comfortable quiet time away from a house filled with chaos in the morning. It's a great place to read the paper. a few chapters in your novel, or read news online from your cellphone. And it isn't just men who seek the quite refuge. It turns into a meeting house for teenage daughters and their friends after school. This is where they take their best pictures to post to Facebook.

Truly, if a man's home is his castle, the throne room could really use a little work. Why not a throne that gives dignity and respect to the importance of  the king of the household? A throne like the one to the left would go a long ways to accomplish the significance of such a room. Perhaps some trophy heads of Bison, moose and deer could adorn the adjacent walls. Let people know that the owner of such a throne is not only the magnificent ruler of the house, but a man among men. A vital member of the community! One who should be worshipped, not only by his family, but the entire city, perhaps even the state, where he resides!

Admittedly, Al Bundy and I are not the only ones who hold the throne room sacred. I found a you tube video with Tim the Toolman showcasing some other improvements that could be made to a mans throne room. Check it out below:

It's time for men everywhere to take back their throne. Make it stand for something. Even if you have to add on a second bathroom for the wife, dogs and teenagers. It's your throne! Make it a representation for everything you have worked so hard to achieve.


Build a home or cottage for under $50,000


How would like a home for under $50,000? And how would you like it built from recyclable material? This is what Cob Homes or cottages are.  Although I've only recently learned of them, apparently Cob is an ancient building material, that may have been used for construction since prehistoric times.

Cob is made by mixing the clay-based subsoil with sand, straw and water ; quite possibly, even found on your own land. It may not sound that attractive, but watch the video below:

This book was written by Ianto Evans, an applied ecologist, landscape architect, inventor, writer and teacher with building experience on six continents. If you would like to get your hands dirty and start building your own Cob Home, you may wish to take a look at this. For more information you might consider attending a Cob Workshop. There is a website that has a listing for cob building workshops and events. You can find it at


Since the walls in these type of homes or cottages are quite thick (up to 2') they stay very warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. They are ideal for a variety of climates.  And it just isn't the walls and roof that can be built with cob. Some counters, bed frames, shelves and even closets can be built with the same material. You are only limited by your imagination.