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Silly image

The actual image was taken at a NSAC garden just before my daughters junior graduation from grade nine last year. There wasn't enough room to add the silly stuff, so I cut her out of the image and then re-created the bush background. This gave me the room to add the monsters, and then I placed Kelsey over to the right.

You find you start doing things like this when you have a little extra time on your hands. I still think it's pretty cool though.


The trouble with life

The trouble with life: you're halfway through before you realize it's a "do it yourself."


Almost cottage time

That time of year again!!

The above picture was taken last year when I was having the roof re-shingled. The cottage sits almost on the Bay in Nova Scotia. It's a beautiful spot. I know the cottage isn't overly fancy to what some better-off people might call a cottage -- but I love it!!

I'm having a number of repairs done to it this year. Pretty well the entire east outside wall is being replaced, and I'm having the whole thing re-painted. It almost seems like a money pit  but the time I spend there in the Summer is priceless. Nothing like waking up to hear the surf lapping at the shoreline, the gulls crying over-head, and the when the tide goes out, you hear the voices from 100 clams screaming "Eat me!!!"

And, man... I do!!

I LOVE steamed clams. I could eat them every day. And All I have to do is take a 5-minute walk just south of the cottage and start digging.

Here is another pic of the cottage taken when the tide was high. I've got a big re-arrow over the top of mine. The little community the cottage is in (Economy, Nova Scotia) has a population of 150 people. It's really small -- but it's my home-town. So it's nothing to round up a few people for a BBQ and some tunes afterwards. I play the guitar.

The best part of being 50 and alone... is there isn't anyone to tell me I'm not going to the cottage for the weekend because I have too many other chores to do. Let's face it! There will always be other chores, but we only go through life once, so let's try and enjoy it a bit.

Just about a mile up the road is a great place for Bass fishing in the Economy River. When the tide comes in... so do the bass. Here is a quick video of someone fishing a bass out of the Economy River:


Mother’s Day!

My brother Rob, his wife Diana, and I took Mom (as seen in the picture to the left) out for lunch today. It's always great to get together. Funny how there seems to be too few occasions that we can get together. None of the kids were there, so it was just the four of us.

The restaurant was packed at lunch time. It took 45 minutes for the food to come to the table. That's all-right though. It gave us a lot more time to visit. I gave her a movie I recently saw called A shine of Rainbows which is about a mother (Connie Nielsen). Connie is mesmerizing in this role. Actually, the whole cast is wonderful. It's a tear-jerker, and although I don't normally watch these kind of movies, it came on the TV one day when I didn't have much to do, and I couldn't get away from it.

Of course.... nothing so dramatic happened in our lives, but my mother has always been a special person, and I'm sure it was because of her, that we have all of these wonderful memories to hold onto of growing up as a family. She was the glue that held everything together.

My daughter's mother lives 3500 miles from us. It seems sometimes I almost have to be both parents. It can be a bit of a struggle at times, but I try to make sure she doesn't want for anything, and there are times when everything comes to a boil in her life where she has to talk to someone. I try to listen, and not be to judgmental. If nothing else, I hope I can pass onto my daughter, the sense of love and well-being that my mother passed on to each of us. Having her for a mother, was one of the greatest gifts I could ever receive.


Hello world! It’s just me!!!

You're FREE!!!

One of the great things about being single again after all of these years is having the ability to decide what clothes you will keep and what clothes you will throw away. I used to have to hide this shirt on my ex. Yes, every so often she would go through our closet and throw out some of my favorite shirts. She didn't understand, that sometimes these old shirts can just get so comfortable... it's liking throwing away a friend.

Who in their right mind would throw away a perfectly good friend? Or a perfectly good shirt, for that matter. I suppose time has taken its toll. And, of course.... I wouldn't wear it in public. But I have a hanger of honour in my closet where it resides now. And sometimes I get asked to proudly display it, which I'm more than happy to.

It's a symbol of freedom! It's a reminder that a single person's life can go exactly as they direct it. Life is good again!