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solutions-featuredWho wouldn't like to have more money? And, if you're over fifty and divorced, sometimes you can find it isn't as easy to get by as when there were two of you. You might want to check out Cydney O'Sullivan's book, How To Be Wealthy NOW! 108 Fast Cash Solutions.

This book has over 100 suggestions to help you turn your life around and make tens of thousands more a year, simply by changing small things in your life or adding in a hobby business. In fact why not turn lots of your hobbies into cash cows? This book has advice from people in all walks of life, people who have been at rock bottom and found a way back up!  With 108 great ideas, there has to be one that is right for you, or someone you know and want to help to have a better life.

Please keep in mind, this is a not a "get rich quick" manaal showing you how to waste hundreds of dollars on products or services that won't do anything for you or anyone else. This book has great solid information in it. I had no more then flipped the cover in it, when I instantly realized how my wife (back in the days I was married) could have realistically saved $5,000.00 per year. And that was only looking at one idea! This book has 107 more.

Besides all of the ways she will show you how to save money, there are easy  ways explained how you can make extra, that most people don't think of.

Cydney is an enthusiastic Business Founder, Real Estate Investor and Stock Market Investor she has made millions and also made costly mistakes, often from taking direction from expensive 'experts'. This gives her a sympathetic insider position, as a caring mentor, to assist others in taking the required steps toward their own success, avoiding the pitfalls and the costs of inexperience.

cash-cover-ebookOne of her reviewers, Kerry Haddon, said "The number of common sense money making ideas in this book is really awesome. If you cannot earn extra cash from reading this book, you never will! So many practical applications- things you may never have thought of, are bubbling out of this book. The author writes with a warm message of really wanting to help people achieve extra cash. Whilst some of the ideas are not new, (many are), the fact that they are all together in one place is so handy and helpful. The income and expenses chart really is an eye opener and gives the reader a check of where they are at. I loved the ideas re garage sales, and especially the chapter on using your current resources. I am buying this book for all of my friends- the ideas are brilliant, the messages are clear yet achievable. This really is a little gem of a book. If you know anybody who wants to earn more cash, then this is one of the most practical, full of ideas book, that everyone can gain from. Highly recommended."

This is a book you don't want to miss. And, today it's being offered for free as an Amazon promotion. Click here to get it now! Even if you're not earning any extra by tomorrow, I can guarantee you'll be saving money.

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