1000 Pages of Cannabis Research Links

1000-featuredA woman who was a teacher's aide in California started researching and collecting reports and links to scientific proof that the medicinal properties in medical marijuana could be used to treat a multitude of ailments and disease, including cancer. For the last few years she has been putting together lists to all the papers that are publically available for anyone to read. Her latest compilation has 1000 Pages of Cannabis Research Links.

This won't come as any surprise but she says, "Science is becoming aware of the almost unlimited potential of the endocannabinoid system for healing and the prevention of disease.

Yet, scientific research on cannabis is “discouraged” in the US, and, increasingly, I find that the new studies on cannabinoids are being done in Europe and China! We are falling behind in this rapidly emerging field of medicine!"

She also says on her website:

This prohibition foolishness has to end because it is costing people their lives, their health, their freedom and their peace of mind! I am hoping that my collection of studies and articles will help you educate those around you. We must end the ignorance!

The woman is known as Granny Storm Crow. She doesn't want her real identity known. But you certainly cannot doubt the authenticity of the links in her lists. You can learn a lot more on her facebook page that can be found here.

You can freely download her latest list of links from mediafire.com, but I want to caution you. This download site has some popups and other things it will try to prompt you to download. So you want to make sure you just download the zippered file called "Granny Storm Crow MMJ Reference List Jan 2013.zip". The download link is http://www.mediafire.com/?v3pqua6cqmup9zr

It's such a shame to read articles like Drug Company Pleads Guilty to Health Fraud that reveals how "pervasive pharmaceutical deceit infiltrates government, academia, and the media, causing consumers to pay outrageous prices for dangerous drugs that provide little or no benefit," and all the time, knowing... that helpful medical information and drugs are being suppressed and made illegal in most countries.

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