10 Secrets to Getting Any Man

10-secfrets-featuredI always get a kick out of people asking me for martial advice. You DO realize I've had two failed marriages? But, yes! I'll give you my advice. As a matter of fact, I have a forum setup on this website exactly for this purpose. So... if you don't mind me saying, I was practically laughing my a** off when I came across a book written by Dr. Lyn Kelley titled 10 Secrets to Getting Any Man You Want to Want You.

She says her book is "for women who want to be in committed, monogamous, satisfying relationships; however, the principles apply to ALL relationships. The most important decision a woman will ever make in her lifetime is choosing a life mate. And if she’s already chosen one, the next most important decision a woman can make is use my strategies to get him to want her! My book will help empower women and ensure that her mate loves her, commits to her, and consistently treats her with dignity, honor, respect. Rich with practical tips and techniques to help you make meaningful changes, this book pinpoints the issues and actions that can make or break relationships and guides you in perfecting the skills needed to create true love."

It's hard to tell what she considers a perfect man. I was watching a video she uploaded to YouTube titled The 9 Worst Types of Men for Relationships -- where she is promoting another book she wrote titled Bad Dick! Good Jane! You can watch the video below.

10-secrets-ebookShe says it's the nine worst type of men to watch out for, but it looks like she has ruled out all men to me. Maybe she would have better luck as a lesbian. Mind you, in her favor, she does mention deer hunting... not that she went deer hunting with her man.

Still, you can download 10 Secrets to Getting Any Man You Want to Want You right now. It's being offered for free as part of an Amazon promotion. If you miss this special offer, you can still get it for $2.00, but I can't tell you that it's worth the $2. I think you will get better advice by submitting your questions to my forum. I think that this book is all about learning to manipulate men, and let's face it... everyone hates to feel manipulated. We (both partners) want mutual respect from a partner. No one likes to be played.

One day I found a copy of Cosmopolitan in the car of a recently divorced buddy. I asked, "What are you doing reading that crap?" He said, "You need to know how they think." It must have worked. He's happily married now. The point is, there are so many people out there who are more than happy to share the wrong advice with you. One of Dr, Kelley's reviewers said:

I find it disappointing that a PhD and "relationship coach" is basically encouraging women to play hard-to-get, manipulative little dating games. But the title says it all, it's about getting any man you want to want you, so that in itself is manipulative.

If you're over fifty, and seeking a new relationship, there are better options that have been offered on this site. You may want to read the articles, Relationships & Dating Revisited, or Baby Boomers & Online Dating. But... what do I know?

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