10 Keys to eBook Marketing Success

ebook-marketing-featuredIf you're over fifty, have some extra time on your hands, and thought about writing a book, you don't want to miss the article published here on January 2nd of this year, where Canadian author Cheryl Kaye Tardif shares her story of how she made over $42,000 in one month selling the Kindle books. The book was free at the time the article was published, and although not free now, it's only $1.99.

Karen Baney has just published a book that might be a real help to you as well. 10 Keys to Ebook Marketing Success. What makes her a creditable authority?  In addition to 20 years in business, she holds a Masters of Business Administration from Arizona State University.  In her second year as a published author she achieved over 200,000 eBook downloads. So she has a lot of information to share with you. This book (Kindle version) is being offered for free today as an Amazon promotion.

This book is designed for the busy writer:  concise and information packed.  Well-organized, it is broken down into 10 key areas of eBook marketing.  Each key contains:

  • Success Tips – brief impactful statements that drive home important points
  • Do’s and don’ts for marketing and building your brand as an author
  • Concise lists summarizing each key
  • Marketing Minute—an opportunity to evaluate your own progress and apply what you just learned to your marketing plan.

She says in the book:

Success Tip:  As an author, you absolutely must have a website.  A website is critical to your eBook marketing success.

Some folks can get a little overwhelmed by creating a website and all of the marketing that goes along with it. I setup a forum on this site where you can ask for help if you need it. You can find the forum here. I don't think most of the people who visit this site are interested in building websites, as there hasn't been anyone asking questions yet. But please feel free, if you want to.

10keys-ebook So if you're going to write and want to make money doing it, get 10 Keys to Ebook Marketing Success today while it's free. Karen's  success didn’t come overnight, but instead it came through persistence and patience.  She applied the principles and tips of book marketing success that she now shares with you.

One of her reviewers, Jack Hardy, said, "I have read hundreds of marketing books over the years...quite a few on indie publishing. Karen has a unique ability to focus on and clearly define issues and steps for resolution in terms that are easy to understand and use. Maybe that's her IT formation. This book rates 5-stars..."

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